Where Americans (Mostly) Agree on Climate Change Policies

Where Americans (Mostly) Agree on Climate Change Policies

January 7, 2019

“Americans are politically divided over climate change, but there’s broader consensus around some of the solutions.”

This new year, we are excited to continue learning more about climate change and its effect on our everyday lives, and it turns out that Americans are more united than we think when it comes to our environment.

As this article from The New York Times shows, sometimes the best place to start is by holding discourse and finding common ground. Whether in regard to championing renewable energy sources or testing out carbon taxes, most Americans actually do agree on some staple values and outcomes.

This year, how will you engage and unite others in a discussion around plausible climate change solutions?

Also, you should totally check out more of the research that the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication is working on. You can learn more about them here!

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