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The Baltimore Tree Trust’s Neighborhood Forestry Initiative is designed to introduce Baltimore city residents ages 18 and above facing difficult employment challenges to the benefits and importance of tree care within an urban environment with the goal of expanding Baltimore City’s tree canopy and creating long-term, sustainable employment opportunities.

Our flexible program allows you to individualize your career advancement goals. An individualized career development plan will be established for each Neighborhood Forester based on  personal and professional aspirations. You can choose to complete the program through Baltimore Tree Trust’s curriculum or–after the first year– take the knowledge and skills developed in our program and continue through our partner organizations to further explore career opportunities in various areas of forestry. 

 Some of the benefits of our program include acquiring transferable skills, working to improve the environment (and specifically the Chesapeake Bay), engaging in physical work while enjoying the outdoors, and training in GIS mapping. Additionally, after completing a minimum of three years of field work, you may choose to take the International Society of Arboriculture exam to obtain official Arborist certification.  

Neighborhood Forestry Technician Program : Level 1

This first level is a 1-year commitment where you will learn the following:

  • Native tree Identification
  • Proper procedures for planting containerized, bare root, and balled and burlapped trees
  • Proper pruning techniques
  • Pathways to obtaining a driver’s license
  • Vehicular training with trucks, trailers and managing heavy equipment
  • Concrete cutting and removal
  • Certifications in: OSHA 10, First Aid/CPR

The first six months of the program focuses on the necessary educational requirements to pass the Maryland Licensed Tree Expert Exam including, but not limited to, instruction in the biology and physiology of trees; proper pruning; diagnosing diseases and pests; as well as understanding soil composition and pH which determines what tree will have the best success in a particular location.

We provide environmental education that can be used in a wide-variety of employment opportunities while teaching our employees how to engage with the community about the environmental, public, physical, and mental health benefits that trees provide in an urban setting.

These non-exempt positions pay $14.50/hour without a driver’s license and $15.00/hour with a driver’s license. After 240 consecutive hours, you are eligible for dental, vision, personal, sick, and vacation time.

After successfully completing your first year, you are eligible to become a crew leader. This position provides full time, (40 hours a week) non-exempt employment with full benefits.

Interested in joining the Neighborhood Forestry Initiative? View the full job description and application details here

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