The Gene Machine

June 14, 2019

Urban forests are dying. Baltimore shows us how to bring them back.

This month, our good friend Gene was deservedly featured in a Popular Science article about his life, urban forestry, and how Baltimore is working toward its goal of 40% tree canopy coverage.

For those of you who have attended one of our tree plantings, you have almost certainly seen Gene hard at work there. Every planting we have, he shows up early, having always walked to our location, and humbly announces how far along he is on his tree count. In his lifetime, Gene has planted over 15,000 trees (and counting).

We are so grateful for Gene’s diligent efforts to green our city. Like he mentions in this article, trees often act like a refuge for so many–a peaceful, grounding, and inspiring sanctuary. To learn more about Gene, please click the link here.

“Their ongoing efforts have tapped residents, especially DeSantis, for more and more help over the decades. Just before his next fall planting season gets underway, he’ll turn 58, marking 41 years since his first tree took root. In 2019, TreeBaltimore will put 2,000 new root balls into the ground, and its crew of community and nonprofit collaborators will add thousands more. Organizations will be looking for volunteers to dig those big holes. And, as always, DeSantis will be there, pick in hand, breathing in the fresh air.”


Together, we can grow a healthier future for all Baltimore residents.

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