Tree Services

Cultivating Baltimore's Urban Forests

At Baltimore Tree Trust, we work to restore our city’s urban forests—green spaces and corridors that provide clean air, encourage community engagement, and nourish an appreciation for Baltimore’s environmental longevity. We plant and care for our city’s trees because of their lasting positive effects on neighborhoods citywide.

While there are countless ways to contribute to sustainable community development in Baltimore City, we trust that by investing in the planting and care of trees, as well as the education and development of those who tend to them, Baltimore can be a leader in the field of green infrastructure and its impacts on public and environmental health. Click here to view a list of licensed tree experts located within Maryland. 

Since our inception, we have planted over 8,000 trees on private property and in low-canopy neighborhoods throughout Baltimore City, actively spearheading efforts to achieve Baltimore’s 40% urban tree canopy goal. Our vision is to plant 10,000 trees a year–trees that will shade our residents, cool and clean the air, and lessen the effects of climate change on our city.

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