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Our Partnerships take on Many Forms.

Baltimore Tree Trust is fortunate to be partnered with countless organizations, foundations, and individuals who contribute greatly to our work. There are many ways we seek out partnerships, and we would love to learn more about you and your interests in working with us.

We believe that through intentional and active partnership with a wide range of stakeholders, we can achieve our mission to grow and maintain Baltimore’s tree canopy, as well as the workforce behind it. We’re always on the lookout for: 

Neighborhood Partners: These are neighborhoods, whether individually represented, or represented through a community association, that are interested in having trees planted on their streets and park properties. The BTT model works to “plant out” neighborhoods—plant trees in all available spaces—and therefore prioritizes longterm relationships with neighborhoods and their residents.

Corporate Engagement Partners: These are companies and organizations in Baltimore who are seeking to plant trees with us through individual volunteer days or longterm volunteer projects. 

Mitigation Partners: These are development companies that are seeking to mitigate for the trees they are displacing when they build new projects. By working with Baltimore Tree Trust, developers have the choice to pay us directly to plant their mandated trees, and rest assured that we will thoughtfully determine where they are planted, and how they are cared for. This option costs less than putting mitigation fees into a fund, and ensures that the trees are cared and accounted for.

Property Partners: These are landowners that are interested in becoming a home to our trees. We have worked with partners ranging from the Archdiocese of Baltimore to Johns Hopkins to plant trees on hospital, graveyard, and church grounds. These partnerships are mutually beneficial, as they help us to increase Baltimore’s tree canopy, and they create more inviting, environmentally-friendly spaces for these beneficiaries.

Workforce Development Partners: These are organizations that can support our efforts to promote clear pipelines to greening careers. Our Urban Roots Apprenticeship program is a 6-week, paid training program that

Research Partners: In the past, we have worked with pro-bono law firms, research agencies, data-tracking systems, and dedicated interns who assist in building out a large database of information that showcases the importance of urban tree canopy.

Just to name a few! If you or your organization are interested in pursuing one of the above partnerships, or if you have ideas of your own, we would love to connect. Please fill out this form so that we can be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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