Whether by cooling neighborhood streets, filtering water that goes into the bay, or investing in our green workforce, Baltimore Tree Trust has a direct impact on Baltimore’s communities. Scroll down to see our features in the press, and to learn more about our mission to grow Baltimore’s urban tree canopy.

Meet the Baltimore Tree Trust (2018)

We are grateful for our wonderful base of volunteers: those who help to plant and maintain our trees, and those who make beautiful videos about our work.

Check out our new feature made by Danny Zawodny.

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Video Interview with Baltimore Tree Trust (2018)

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Chesapeake Conservancy Interview with Mark Conway

Find Your Chesapeake
read the article here

PRI Interview with Alex Smith

In Baltimore, An Effort to Turn Lives Around by Planting Trees
read the article & listen to the interview

BTT in Action

production by Will Schwarz, Pennant Productions, LTD
September 20, 2016

Tree Facts, Articles & Resources

What is a Tree Worth?
by Jill Jonnes

Benefits of Trees
provided by The Alliance for Community Trees,
an umbrella organization for tree planting non-profit organizations

Baltimore’s Tree Planting World
the Who’s Who in the Baltimore tree planting world

The Guardian: Green spaces improve school children’s mental development

The Star: Living on tree-lined streets has health benefits

Is All Your Rain Going Down Your Drain?:
Look to Bioretainment-Trees are a Solution

The Diane Rehm Show on NPR, featuring BTT founder Jill Jonnes
The Environmental Outlook: Celebrating & Understanding the Urban Forests  

Midday on WYPR with Tom Hall, featuring Jill Jonnes
The Urban Forest and Why it’s Crucial  

Annual Reports

2015 Year In Review – PDF

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2012 Year In Review – PDF