Forest Mitigation

When landowners, developers, and property owners plan out their next projects, they must account for any trees that could be planted on their land. To mitigate for these trees, developers can cut their costs by reaching out to BTT to plant the trees on their behalf. This service allows developers to meet their Baltimore City forest mitigation requirements with the assistance of the Baltimore Tree Trust instead of paying a fee to the city. With the partnership of the Baltimore City Office of Sustainability, we have planted over 100 trees since starting our Forest Mitigation program last year.

We expect this program to grow substantially in the coming year as we develop relationships with local engineering firms and developers become aware of the opportunity to contribute to a worthy cause while saving money.

If you are representing a development company, and would like to ensure that your mitigated trees are properly planted and cared for, please reach out to us. We often can offer cheaper prices for tree mitigation, and we will personally plant and maintain these trees, ensuring a healthy life for them. You can email Sheila McMenamin at to learn more.