Why Baltimore Tree Trust?

At Baltimore Tree Trust, we work to restore our city’s urban forests—green spaces and corridors that provide clean air, encourage community engagement, and nourish an appreciation for Baltimore’s environmental longevity. We plant and care for our city’s trees because of their lasting positive effects on neighborhoods citywide.

While there are countless ways to contribute to sustainable community development in Baltimore City, we trust that by investing in the planting and care of trees, as well as the education and development of those who tend to them, Baltimore can be a leader in the field of green infrastructure and its impacts on public and environmental health.

Our Challenge: Baltimore’s Urban Canopy is in Decline

The Baltimore Tree Trust was founded to work collaboratively with others to restore Baltimore’s urban forest, which has been in steady decline for several decades. Our city forest consists of 2.6 million trees, one quarter of which are distressed, dead, or dying according to the U.S. Forest Service.

According to the most recent assessment by the U.S. Forest Service, Baltimore City’s tree canopy covers only 28% percent of the overall landmass—woefully short of the 40% canopy required to ensure community and ecological benefits. In light of the dismal state of Baltimore’s tree canopy, the mission of the Baltimore Tree Trust is to restore Baltimore’s urban forest through increased tree planting, community engagement, and advocacy.

The city aims to increase the overall tree canopy to 40% of landmass by 2037. To achieve this goal, Baltimore must plant 750,000 trees at a rate of 25,000 new trees each year. At present, Baltimore does not plant even 10,000 new trees a year. Together with other tree planting organizations in Baltimore City, we have lots of work ahead.

And with this work comes the need for a trained and empowered workforce. Baltimore Tree Trust works with local employment organizations to connect individuals to training in tree care and landscaping that will lead to promising and dependable careers for city residents.

Join us as we work to Transform Baltimore with trees!