Donate to our fund for Baltimore's trees

Thank you for helping the Baltimore Tree Trust make our city a more healthy and beautiful place to live. We appreciate your support and partnership this fall 2019 season. 

You may donate online at our PayPal account. 

Or if you prefer to donate by mail, send a check to:
Baltimore Tree Trust
PO Box 26202, Baltimore, MD 21210

Baltimore’s trees are essential to the health of our city’s residents. Trees significantly shade and cool our streets all while cleaning pollutants from the air that we breathe. Their leafy branches absorb and slow rainfall as it pours, lessening the intensity of flash floods and polluted runoff that goes into the Chesapeake Bay. And as threats of climate change grow, trees are continuously lauded as one of the most effective tools for slowing its effects. 

At a time when US cities are losing 36 million trees a year, Baltimore stands as an example of proactive and thoughtful urban tree planting and maintenance. Help us continue our work by donating to our fund for trees. Together we can ensure that zip code does not determine access to the green space that gives us so much. 

Our goal: $75,000